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Free and Low-Cost Apps Available to Help Litigators

Our Director of Library Services here at Bose McKinney & Evans, Cheryl Niemeier, has published a good, comprehensive review of free and low-cost apps available to help lawyers and paralegals.  Click here to read the article.   Most of the apps have direct uses by litigators … Continue reading

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Helping Your Expert Thrive in the Hot Seat: Part Three

Presenting expert opinions at trial The last phase in presenting persuasive expert testimony is putting the expert on the stand at trial. Appearance and presentation take on more importance here, as does connecting with the jury. A jury views a … Continue reading

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Helping Your Expert Thrive In The Hot Seat: Part Two

Defending Expert Opinions at Deposition Once your expert has crafted his or her opinions, they must hold up under cross-examination at deposition and trial.  Part Two of this series provides tips for helping your expert give the strongest and safest … Continue reading

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